Uninsured drivers and ‘hit & run’ accidents are complications you could do without, but with growing numbers of drivers out there not bothering to insure their cages, you could well become one of the million or so people each year who are victims of the uninsured driver. Equally, you could be unfortunate enough to be clobbered by some git who doesn’t even bother to stop and say “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you.” before disappearing over the horizon.

Either way, don’t panic. Even if the car driver responsible is uninsured or drove off before you could get his details, you can still make a claim for injury compensation. All motor insurers in the UK have to pay into a slush fund operated by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). The MIB deals with claims involving uninsured or unidentified drivers. The procedure is a little more involved than your usual motorcycle accident claim, but not drastically so and we have years of experience of successfully recovering MIB compensation.

The “no win, no fee” scheme we offer for MIB claims is a little different to our usual one, so give us a call for free on 0808 139 1598 and we’ll explain how it works.