London motorcyclist who lost leg awarded over a quarter of a million

We have won another compensation claim for a rider who suffered catastrophic injuries in a motorbike crash in London.

Our client was riding his KTM motorbike in Vauxhall, London, when he was confronted by car coming towards him on the wrong side of the central dividing barrier.  He braked, lost control of his bike and hit a post in the central reservation, which unfortunately took off his right leg; a devastating and life changing injury.

We were instructed by the motorcyclist to bring a compensation claim against the car driver on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Our investigations established that the driver of the car had over-shot a nightclub entrance and performed a U-turn, rather than going on to the next roundabout and returning on the correct side of the road.

The car driver’s insurers initially denied any responsibility for the accident, arguing that there was no contact between the vehicles and that our client should have been able to stop in time.

The evidence suggested that our client had been doing no more than 30 mph at the time of the motorbike crash.

Expert evidence was obtained by both side, but as is common in this type of claim it was contradictory.

After extensive negotiations with the insurers, we settled the claim out of court for a sum well in excess of a quarter of a million pounds.

London motorcyclist who lost leg awarded over a quarter of a million