Our Team

Mike Clarke heads our motorcycle accident and injury claims team. Mike has been a specialist injury solicitor for over 26 years, a member of BMF, and currently rides a BMW R1150 RT (back injuries and increasing respectability catch up with us all eventually!)

He is a police-trained advanced motorcyclist and has racked up hundreds of thousands of miles in the UK and abroad in more than a quarter of a century of riding. He is a volunteer rider for EVS, the national blood-bike charity, delivering urgent and emergency blood, organs and medical supplies to NHS hospitals out-of-hours.

Mike was fortunate enough (?) to be riding in the glory days of the 1970’s and like many of us, wishes he still had some of his past bikes, if only for investment purposes. Being skint and short-sighted, he simply traded them in along the way, but still has memories of his Yamaha XS 750 (“great bike in it’s day, but a bit of a bitch”); Moto-Guzzi Le Mans (“the early one with the 3-piece fairing- bloody gorgeous bike”); Triumph Bonneville (“kept it for 5 minutes- lovely character, but just not up to the constant glitches”); CB750 Honda (“ probably the first Jap superbike and still impressive in hindsight”); and for one glorious year, a Ducati SD900 (“better than the LeMans, but far better than I was ever going to be, and hence downright scary- would have killed myself it I’d kept it”). He also had two BMW R100RS’s (“never that fast, even in the late 1970’s, but an absolute iconic road-eater and I loved it. It would show you 120mph for hours on end without the slightest problem. I used to ride regularly from Hampshire to Berwick upon Tweed and with that superb fairing, it didn’t leave me needing body-realignment and a lie-down in a darkened room afterwards”)

Mike is always happy to talk motorbikes or law (or both), free of charge. If you have a problem you would like to talk over, or if you think you might need a decent motorcycle accident solicitor’s help, give us a call on Freephone 0808 139 1598 or send us an email.

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