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Fire Down Below! Motorcycles and the art of fire extinguishing

Motorbike accident claim solicitor, Mike Clarke, takes a lighthearted look at at one of the many challenges facing motorbike riders

Police bikes carry fire extinguishers. So do paramedic bikes. Most civilians don’t, and with good reason. Firstly, you never seriously expect to have to use one; and secondly, even if you had one, some light-fingered little scallywag would have it off and the bike covered in foam in the 40 seconds it took you to get your coffee from Starbucks and stroll back to where you parked.

Recommended by The Legal 500

We are delighted to report that Slee Blackwell, the solicitors behind the Motorcycle Accident Solicitors site, have been listed as a recommended firm for personal injury claims in the latest edition of the prestigious Legal 500 guide.

It is a tremendous honour for Slee Blackwell to be recommended by The Legal 500 in the field of claimant personal injury law.  This is a tribute to the expertise and dedication of its lawyers, who have particular knowledge of motorcycles, motorcycling and motorcycle injury claims.  

3D Printing Rebuilds Injured Motorcyclist's Face

A survivor of a serious motorbike accident has had pioneering surgery to reconstruct his face using a series of 3D printed parts.

Stephen Power, aged 29, from Cardiff is thought to be one of the first trauma patients in the world to have 3D printing used at every stage of the procedure. He suffered multiple face and skull injuries in a bike accident in 2012.  Despite wearing a crash helmet, he broke both cheekbones, upper jaw, nose and fractured his skull and was in hospital for four months.

Winter Riding Check List

Well, it's wet, cold, windy, dark and miserable again As we all hunker down to struggle through the months of early starts, late finishes, greasy roads, poor visibility, hammering rain, bloody lorries kicking up gallons of crap in our faces..... let's have a brief reality check on some sensible stuff, even if it is obvious.

Priorite A Droite, Motorbiking In France

What a fab summer it has been!  Over 6 weeks of lovely weather here in Devon, surpassed only by the even better weather trolling around France!  Went over to the Vendee- that's the left hand bit about half-way down.  Lots of Atlantic coast and beaches, inland marshes and flatlands, with forests, chateaux, little picturesque towns, wine, bread, cheese- the whole works.  Smashing touring country.  'Course, I almost didn't get to see any of it, thanks to the fool who pulled out on me from a junction to my right whilst I was minding my own business along the main road.  Thank gawd for ABS- if i

Blood Bikes Cash Shortage

Bad Weather Hits Motorbike Medical Charity

The seemingly endless wet weather up to the end of 2012 did more than damage houses, roads and businesses. It had a serious impact on a specialist medical charity which provides urgent and emergency deliveries of blood, organs and other medical supplies to NHS hospitals via highly-trained advanced motorcyclists.

Check your nuts

One of the earliest blogs here mentions the satisfaction derived from home mechanics and being able to take your bike apart, peer knowingly at its entrails, and put it back together again- preferably with the confidence that it will still work and carry you faithfully to the pub and back.

Navigation Skills

Ok, another whinge today, this being really just the culmination of many years of fulminating on a particular hobbyhorse of mine.  Signs.  I mean, proper road signs, giving comprehensible directions to major routes and with major points along those routes.